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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is completely free for NSW school students. To download and install your copy of the software, follow the steps below very carefully. 

This is a one-year subscription that you can keep renewing while you are a student of the NSW Department of Education.

1. Go to OnTheHub at https://nsw-students.onthehub.com

2. Click Register to create an account

You must use your school email address to register - the one that ends with @education.nsw.gov.au

Double check that you have typed it correctly.

You will be asked to enter a password.

You may be asked to check your email to verify that you are a student.

3. Once you have registered on the site, log in and choose the Adobe tab.

4. Choose Adobe Creative Cloud then click Add to Cart. Open the Cart and

Confirm that Adobe Creative Cloud is selected.

Deselect any additional products that may have been added automatically.

Check that the total cost is “free”.

Click Checkout.

5. Click the dropdown next to your email address and choose Your Account/Orders.

Next choose Orders & Downloads, then View Details.

Copy the Redemption Code.

6. Click on Instructions – Adobe Creative Cloud.

A popup will appear. Click on Redeem Software. You will be directed to the Adobe website.

You will be asked to create an Adobe ID. Use your @education.nsw.gov.au email address and remember your password.

Enter your Redemption Code when prompted and Activate Membership.

7. You can now download the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App.

Once the Desktop App is installed, open the app and log in with your Adobe ID .

Select the programs required for your subject.

The Desktop App will handle the download and installation which might take a while.

When finished, check that each new application is working properly.