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Beacon Program

Beacon Program

Whitebridge High School has partnership agreements with the Beacon Foundation. This will give our year 10 students opportunities for work experience and career options with local businesses.

What is Beacon?

Beacon is a national non-profit organisation working in more than 110 secondary schools across all Australian states and Territories. Beacon believes every young Australian can develop an independent will to achieve personal success for themselves and their community. Beacon has an established track record of helping inspire and motivate students to either stay in school and increase their educational engagement and attainment or choose a positive pathway that enables successful transition to employment, further education or training.

How does Beacon work in our school?

When compared to other youth attainment and transition initiatives, a key distinguishing factor of the Beacon model is the provision of direct support and one-on-one resources for schools. A key resource is extensive in-school support to the Beacon co-ordinator in the participating school, supported by the website (http://www.beaconfoundation.com.au), which contains tools, templates and best practice information for schools participating in programs. As an active participant in the school environment, Beacon has established credibility and connections to significantly increase leverage across clusters of schools in allotted regions. Cluster groups of participating Beacon schools are brought together to exchange ideas and experiences, stimulating each other to expand and develop further programs under the Beacon umbrella, sharing resources as well as ideas in the process. Beacon staff Co-ordinators assist with career education programs by demonstrating best practice techniques, providing resources, tools, established programs, industry and business linkages and strategic connections for a whole community approach.

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